Prajayatna is a development initiative working to improve quality of education in public schools.

From a systems perspective, this initiative attempts to address quality in Education through facilitating a capabilities based learning paradigm in Government schools with active involvement of the local communities, teachers, local elected representatives Panchayati Raj structures and the Education Bureaucracy ensuring both-better management of the schools and better delivery of quality education from these schools.



There comes a time in evolution when mankind takes a quantum leap forward in it’s understanding of a specific theme or subject. Moments such as the invention of gravity, electric bulb or more recently the internet, meant that from that moment onwards, life as we knew it, was going to be fundamentally different from what it used to be.

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This portal has roots in India; an India which is taking its place in the new world order, an India that is poised to increasingly impact the world in myriad ways, an India whose voice is being increasingly heard, an India which has been acknowledged as a place of spiritual and intellectual wisdom, world over.

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All through history, there are individuals who have risen above themselves and their times. They brush aside cynicism and rewrite the rules of their chosen sphere. When they are done, they leave behind a world that is slightly better than the one they found.

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